October 6, 2019

Focus Statement: My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73.26

Scripture passages: Genesis 4:1-16; Luke 11:53-54; Isaiah 43:1-4; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Children’s time: The group took some time to talk about emotion, specifically envy and contentment. They decided that envy was wanting something that someone else has, and that contentment was being happy and having gratitude. They discussed the story of Joseph and this brothers and the way in which the envy the brothers had for Joseph caused a lot of hurt and suffering in their family. They concluded with the message: Love is the emotion that binds us all together; Love is the shape of God.

Sermon slides/info: Feeling bitter when others have it better  Loving what’s right in front of you

Songs we sang:

Jesus stand among us HWB25

Heilig, heilig, heilig HWB75

Help us to help each other HWB362

The love of God STJ44

Holy Spirit come with power HWB542

Heart with loving heart united HWB420

And, a few announcements…

We will have a communion service as part of our worship service next Sunday.

Sign up for participation in the four priorities! Organizational meeting will be on October 16th, 7pm at the church.

MCC Thrift Store Volunteers banquet is on October 22nd. Connect with Lynda W for more details.

C&C Moose Game on October 12th. Sign up with Tammy asap

Church Car Rally on October 20th. More details to come.

Bob W is organizing some MDS help in Marquette this week. Connect with him if you can participate for a day or two.

Our Mission Sunday and Thanksgiving potluck will be on October 27th. More details to come.

Please continue to hold MCI staff, students, and board in your prayers as they adjust to a new school year and engage significant planning and decision making.


About glenleamennonite

We are a small Mennonite Church located in Glenlea Manitoba. We have Sunday School beginning at 10:00 and our worship service starts at 11:00. Call two two six - seven five zero five if you have questions. email glenleadale (at) gmail (dot) com We are located here https://maps.google.ca/maps?ie=UTF8&cid=6449400202987910546&q=Glenlea+Mennonite+Church&iwloc=A&gl=CA&hl=en (sorry you will have to copy and paste this)
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