September 22, 2019

Focus Statement: We do not see things as they are, but as we are.

Scripture passages: Isaiah 58:1-12 & Matthew 20:1-16

Children’s time: Liz handed out bags of mini oreos to the children. Most got 4, the last two children got six. Is this fair?? Good discussion about what is & isn’t fair and how we decide that. The unfairness sometimes comes in comparing ourselves to others. Our bible story today invites us to be generous; to share, be kind, and help others.

Sermon info: “Are you seeing?” Mikayla began by sharing the miracle of getting glasses when she was a child and how it allowed to see the world in a whole new way. When we read the parable of the workers, we tend to see it through the eyes of the first workers. What if we tried seeing the story through the eyes of the workers who came later in the day? What if we tried seeing the story through the eyes of the landlord? There is also value in asking why there were workers still left and waiting for work throughout the day. Why didn’t other landlords pick them up? What made them “unemployable”? Were they left behind because: they lacked work experience, were too young, too old, “they were poor so they must be bad workers”, they were the “wrong” race or gender”… the list could go on. What if this story is about the disenfranchised finally getting a chance? What if this story is about the incredible generosity of the landlord who sees that he is in a position to help and so he does…all day long. What are the ways in which we too are in a position to help?

Songs we sang:
Jesus calls us here to meet him STJ3
Love divine, all loves excelling HWB592
Santo (Holy) STJ15
Slowly turning, ever turning STJ23
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy HBW145
My life flows on HWB580

And, a few announcements…
Thrift shop list will remain as is for 2019-2020 (call Lynda for any changes before end of Monday). Thank you for helping out at shop as they need volunteers!!

October 20th – Church wide car rally

Movie Night has been postponed to October 4th

Climate Strike on September 27th


MCI invites us to pray for them in the following ways in the coming weeks:1) For our upcoming Christian Life Retreat. Our entire student body and staff team will be heading out to Red Rock Bible Camp from September 25 – 27. Please pray for safety as we travel, and that it will be a time of spiritual growth and relationship building. 2) For our staff and students who are adjusting to the newness that September brings. Pray for patience, grace, and understanding as we get to know one another and work together.

Fall@CMU, Sept. 27-28: In addition to a Saturday Farmers’ Market and Cyclo-cross races for all ages, join us Friday evening, 7:00 PM for the Fall@CMU Opening Celebration, featuring the CMU Singers along with reflections from four Distinguished Alumni – Randy Klassen, Donna Kampen-Entz, Eileen Klassen Hamm, and Jeffrey Metcalf. See for details.

Sunday@CMU is a 15-minute radio program featuring meditations from current and emeriti professors, music from CMU ensembles and choirs, and interviews with faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Cheryl Pauls, CMU President, is currently featuring reflections on five Believers’ Church Commentaries written by CMU faculty. Tune in Sundays from 8:30–8:45 AM on CFAM Radio 950, AM1250 Radio, or CJRB Radio 1220, or go to anytime for links to recordings of these programs

MCM & MC Canada

Praying for our churches: As we approach our 85th year of existence, North Kildonan Mennonite Church remains committed to following Jesus faithfully in its community. We recently welcomed Lizzie Schrag as our faith development pastor. We are working at putting together the history of our congregation; our art wall displays the artistic gifts of our congregational participants and our annual Car Show and Shine in June brings great enthusiasm within the congregation. We enjoy eating together, live music, meeting friends and neighbours and, of course, the cars. Although elderly in age, our hope remains strong for continued vitality in our ministry and we invite your prayers for our continued witness to God’s love in the community.

Douglas Mennonite Church, 1517 Rothesay St., is hosting Faith in Form, a Christian arts festival, on Oct. 5. Writing, visual art and film, featuring Sarah Klassen and Sally Ito, 12-6pm free. Music: Carlos and the Suspiroes/Jesse Krause, 7:30-9:30 $15. More info at or on Facebook.

Camp Koinonia Inc Launch Party. October 6, starting at 3:30pm. A party at the camp to celebrate the incorporation of the group managing Koinonia. All welcome. Visit for more info, or email

Camp Assiniboia Barn Dance and Pie Spectacular Fundraiser. Come out to the camp to move to the old-timey music, or simply explore, hangout, and win a pie. Also, help raise funds for the camp if you’re able. October 5, 2019. 6:30pm. Contact Elizabeth at the camp office if you can donate pies. 204-895-2267 or

We’re less than 35 acres away from reaching our goal of 350 acres of farmland for Grow Hope. When you sponsor a Grow Hope acre for $300 you can watch it grow up to $2,500 thanks to matching support from the Government of Canada.Find out more at

The federal election is an opportunity for us to shape the future of Canada. As citizens, we have the chance to call on those who run for public office to clearly articulate their convictions on significant issues like: migration, indigenous injustice and climate change. We encourage you to raise important issues with candidates in your electoral riding. Check out MCC website for resources on these issues and discussions.

About glenleamennonite

We are a small Mennonite Church located in Glenlea Manitoba. We have Sunday School beginning at 10:00 and our worship service starts at 11:00. Call two two six - seven five zero five if you have questions. email glenleadale (at) gmail (dot) com We are located here (sorry you will have to copy and paste this)
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