Praying for Syria

Feel overwhelmed by what is going in Syria?  Want to help?  Want to pray?  But don’t know how?  April Yamisaki has an excellent prayer guide here.

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We are a small Mennonite Church located in Glenlea Manitoba. We have Sunday School beginning at 10:00 and our worship service starts at 11:00. Call two two six - seven five zero five if you have questions. email glenleadale (at) gmail (dot) com We are located here (sorry you will have to copy and paste this)
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1 Response to Praying for Syria

  1. Eric says:

    As I read through the long list of prayers included in April’s recent blog, I found myself thinking that that’s what I’m praying for too. And then I remembered something I was told a long time ago, something to the effect that ‘God answers prayer — and most of the time He uses other people to do it.’ These prayers became uncomfortable to read when each one of them was asking me, in a way, what I was doing to see that they were being answered.

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