A story from Miroslav Volf – Peace

“Occupying the house in which his brother used to live was a fierce Muslim woman. Father Markovic was warned not to go there because she brandished a rifle to protect her new home. He went anyway. As he approached the house she was waiting for him, cigarette in her mouth and rifle cocked. She barked: Go away or I’ll shoot you.” “No, you won’t shoot me,” said Father Markovic in a gentle but firm voice “you’ll make a cup of coffee for me.” She stared at him for a while, then slowly put down the rifle and went to the kitchen. Taking the last bit of coffee she had, she mixed in some already used grounds to make enough coffee for two cups. And they, deadly enemies, began to talk as they partook in the ancient ritual of hospitality: drinking coffee together. She told him of her loneliness, of the home she had lost of the son who never returned from the battlefield. When Father Markovic returned a month later she told him: “I rejoice at seeing you as much as if my son had returned home.” Did they talk about forgiveness? I don’t know. And in a sense, it doesn’t matter. He, the victim, came to her asking for her hospitality in his brother’s home, which she unrightfully possessed. And she responded. Though she greeted him with a rifle, she gave him gift and came to rejoice at his presence. The humble, tenuous beginnings of a journey toward embrace were enacted through a ritual of coffee drinking. If the journey continues it will lead through the difficult terrain of forgiveness.” Miroslav Volf From Philip Yancey’s book The question that never goes away

About glenleamennonite

We are a small Mennonite Church located in Glenlea Manitoba. We have Sunday School beginning at 10:00 and our worship service starts at 11:00. Call two two six - seven five zero five if you have questions. email glenleadale (at) gmail (dot) com We are located here https://maps.google.ca/maps?ie=UTF8&cid=6449400202987910546&q=Glenlea+Mennonite+Church&iwloc=A&gl=CA&hl=en (sorry you will have to copy and paste this)
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